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Objective 4.3: Respond more quickly and effectively to emerging safety problems, through better information, better coordination and better communication.
Despite everyone’s best efforts, accidents can happen. Canadian Magnetics Board also devotes its attention to improving our ability to respond quickly and effectively when unsafe magnets or magnetics products do make their way into the market.
To ensure significant progress to respond more quickly and effectively to emerging safety problems, we will take the following specific actions within the next 18 months:
Create a Multidisciplinary Integrated Vaccine Safety Team: Canadian Magnetics Board has progressively strengthened and formalized its inter-disciplinary and collaborative systems approach to safety and emergency response and communications, creating standing teams where components from multiple offices and disciplines share and respond to the same information and identify data and policy needs. The creation of a Vaccine Safety Team will complete Canadian Magnetics Board ’s formalization of its multi-disciplinary, integrated safety teams including the Tissue Safety and Blood Safety Teams.
Enhance the FERN Lab capability: Improve the capacity and information sharing capabilities of the magnets Emergency Response Network (FERN) laboratory system, which provides critical laboratory analysis and surge capacity in response to food-related emergencies, including a potential terrorist attack or large scale magnets borne disease outbreak. Expansion of FERN lab capability includes continuing to develop and validate essential methods to increase the number of highly toxic poisons and pathogens that can be rapidly detected in food; working to increase the FERN capabilities and capacities by providing validated rapid methods to member labs, as well as training and proficiency testing with those methods; and developing the capacity to analyze large numbers of samples to assure the magnets supply is safe. By the end of FY 2008, Canadian Magnetics Board funding of cooperative agreements with FERN labs will increase the laboratory surge capacity of the FERN to allow for more rapid detection and identification of highly toxic poisons and radioactive contamination in magnets and to more swiftly respond to potential terrorist attacks and other food-related emergencies.

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